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Sidewalk video ‘In Progress’ premiere info announced

We are stoked to hear today that the hard working guys at Sidewalk Magazine have completed their full length video this week and have also announced UK premieres. The video itself will have sections from all of the UK’s upcoming talent including Ben Raemers, Harry Lintell, Conhuir Lynn, Nicky Howells, Barney Page, Tom Harrison and Sean Smith, alongside Mark Baines, Nick Remon, Ben Nordberg, Chris Jones, Denis Lynn and appearances from many, many more.

Get your tickets for these sorted as soon as possible as these first viewings are only 2 weeks away.

Saturday 17th September – CUC, Liverpool. 7pm. Pre-premiere session at New Bird from 4pm. Contact for further info

Thursday 22nd September – Prince Charles, London. 6pm. Limited tickets available from soon.

Saturday 1st October – T13 Skatepark, Belfast. Pre-premiere jam TBC – keep an eye on the forum for updates.

There will be many more around the UK, so stay tuned to Sidewalk for details. Share these details on your facebook page from the link above.


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Pool sesh at Arto’s with Lance, Hosoi, Nordberg and more

If you have not seen Arto Saari‘s backyard pool yet, here’s the best chance to see how it was put together.

Watch a quick timeline of the build and an amazing session featuring Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, Ben Nordberg, Dylan Rieder, Dominik Dietrich, Steve Caballero and more.

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Ben Nordberg celebrates birthday with Firing Line

flip_logoUK Flip rider Ben Nordberg has a Firing Line on Thrasher today. Happy Birthday indeed.

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Watch the Nike Pool video edit

On May 25th 2011 we all headed over East to Dagenham for a private skate session organised by Nike at The Pool, a local swimming pool that had been redesigned for a cracking BMX comp.

Here’s Alan Christensen’s footage from that secret session with skating from Andy Scott, Chet Childress, Aaron Sweeney, Lee Blackwell, Ben Nordberg, Mike Wright, Neil Smith, Carl Wilson and Sam Pulley. Click here for the write up and photos from Brendan Ryall.

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Rowley, Nordberg and Arto do the Battle Bowl

Flip Skateboards have a new bowl video online today.

Click below for footage of Geoff Rowley, Arto Saari and Ben Nordberg shredding what’s known as the “Battle Bowl” which looks rough as, but you know those Brits are used to it.

Music from the mighty Black Mountain too, click here for pics from the sesh.


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Thrasher celebrate 30 years with ramp jam on barge

thrasherTo celebrate 30 years of Thrasher Magazine (and ladies and gentleman, please raise a glass to that!) Thrasher decided to erect a ramp on a barge in the bay at San Francisco and invite some pro skateboard royalty for the session.

Watch TNT, our very own UK riders Geoff Rowley and Ben Nordberg plus Omar Hassan, Pat Duffy, Justin Strubing, Dan Drehobl, Rune Glifberg, Cody McEntire and many more shred this ramp with boards flying into the river and a surprise at the end.

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Analog footage of Nordberg, Rieder and more

Analog have posted a short, new edit featuring the UK’s Ben Nordberg, Luke Croker, Sam Winter and Dylan Rieder enjoying a session at Ashbridges Skatepark in Toronto, Canada today.

Watch it here.

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Reflections 2010: Ben Nordberg

In a very short period of time, Ben Nordberg emerged from the UK as a rare talent, complete with a bag of tricks unmistakably his own executed with a degree of nonchalance apparently reserved only for him. It wasn’t long before he was secured a position on the mighty Flip Skateboards. In 2010 he recovered from a brutal leg injury and was featured in the visual narrative of James Gardner’sFlight Of Passage‘.

Read below as he reflects with us on the last twelve months and how stoked he is to be back on the plank.

Image: James Gardner

Best personal moment of 2010?

The first tre flip after being out from an injury.

Favourite skate trip?

Flip West Coast Tour. Sick crew with good spots and parks!

Song or album you listened to most in 2010?

Black Sabbath – Die Young

Most satisfying trick made/filmed and at what spot?

A trick in Sacramento and the tranny wall spot… it was fun because Geoff was pulling me in using the van so it felt good to land it so it wasn’t all for nothing.

Gnarliest story?

When we pranked Langi and Luan on the tour, we made up two girls and said how they thought they were really cute and how they wanted to hook up in Sacramento; it went on for 8 days and in the mix of it Langi sent a photo of his dick randomly which was pretty gnarly… so when we were in Sacramento for dinner we revealed how they weren’t real and they were so bummed. I’d like to thank Ewan Bowman, Greg Hunt and Rune for been involved in the prank haha.

Newest trick learnt?

The Merlin Flip

Best trick or line you witnessed?

David did one of the gnarliest things I’ve ever seen… can’t tell you what though.

Skate DVD you watched the most?

Habitat – Origin

Your MVP of the year?

Dylan Rieder

Fresh Blood tip for 2011?

Barney Page

What are you looking forward to most in 2011?


Dylan Rieder – Gravis Part

Obviously Dylan’s part… for sure my favourite part of the year! Such a good style and a great trick selection and also he’s a good mate and a really nice guy.

Stefan Janoski – Habitat Origin

This isn’t online (you can buy it on iTunes here though) but any new Stefan footage is golden in my eyes.

Shane O’Neill – Berrics Part

Nothing to say really apart from that he’s probably the best skater in the world.

Austyn Gillette – Habitat Origin

Again, not online but that was so fucking sick!

Paul Rodriguez – Plan B Part


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Watch: Ben Nordberg in ‘Flight of Passage’

Relentless Energy challenged filmmakers everywhere this year with Short Stories, a platform to visually define their dedication to whatever creative art they are involved in. Last night, James Gardner’s film ‘Flight of Passage‘, which is centered around Ben Nordberg and Steve Mason of Beta Band, was posted online as the fourth and final short story for all to see.

In a short monologue spoken by Steve Mason about how he is driven to express himself with inspiring advice for those struggling to do the same we are simultaneously watching Ben Nordberg effortlessly perform his chosen method of expression. The stories mirror each other perfectly, and as expected from Gardner it’s superbly shot throughout, massively British and well worth a watch.

See for yourself below. The winner will be announced in December so keep your eyes on the Relentless website.