Zip Zinger Krookakonda Komplete

krookakonda_completeCheck out the brand new Zip Zinger Krookakonda Komplete brought to you by the Krooked Skateboards family this month. Not only does it look a beast, it’s actually skateable as seen on TV by Krooked aficionado Dan Drehobl. It’s bespoke Konstructor snake shape is made up of a 7.5″ cruiser that from nose to tail comes in at 30.35″ and boosted to 8.6″ with the snake of doom wrap around.

Watch Drehobl ‘Ride the Snake’ here and get stoked that fun in skateboarding exists on a daily basis. Think yourself lucky you chose to ride one. The Krooked Fall catalogue is out now stuffed with plenty of colourful greatness. Feast on it.

Thrasher celebrate 30 years with ramp jam on barge

thrasherTo celebrate 30 years of Thrasher Magazine (and ladies and gentleman, please raise a glass to that!) Thrasher decided to erect a ramp on a barge in the bay at San Francisco and invite some pro skateboard royalty for the session.

Watch TNT, our very own UK riders Geoff Rowley and Ben Nordberg plus Omar Hassan, Pat Duffy, Justin Strubing, Dan Drehobl, Rune Glifberg, Cody McEntire and many more shred this ramp with boards flying into the river and a surprise at the end.

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