Pool sesh at Arto’s with Lance, Hosoi, Nordberg and more

If you have not seen Arto Saari‘s backyard pool yet, here’s the best chance to see how it was put together.

Watch a quick timeline of the build and an amazing session featuring Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, Ben Nordberg, Dylan Rieder, Dominik Dietrich, Steve Caballero and more.

Watch: Superbowl Sesh at Lance Mountain’s pool

Whilst our very own Horsey was tweeting how much “American rugby sucked” this weekend Flip’s Lance Mountain took the initiative to get a crew together in his backyard pool for a session whilst the game was watched by jocks.

Enjoy this footage of the stylish Eric Nash, the outrageous Bucky Lasek, Dave Hackett, Danny Tumia,Tyler Martin and many more from this Sunday.