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Bring Me The Horizon release new song & album artwork

Bring Me The Horizon earlier released a new song off of their forthcoming album ‘Sempiternal’ after asking fans to tweet ‘#Antivist’ and said once it had been tweeted enough times that the artwork and song will be fully released. The album artwork is on the right.

Having previously released the song ‘Shadow Moses’, their first single, it is already gaining massive online and radio presence.

You can pre-order the new album, which is being released 29th April, here.

Hear the new song, Anti-Vist, by clicking here.

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New Deftones Songs and Album Artwork Revealed

Deftones have announced the track-listing for their forthcoming album “Koi No Yokan” which is set to be realeased 12th November 2012. In addition, Deftones have posted two new songs from the record, ‘Tempest‘ and ‘Leathers‘. Both are available to stream below with ‘Leathers’ also available for FREE download if you follow the Soundcloud links.

The band have also revealed the artwork for the record, seen to the right. The track listing is as follows:

1. Poltergeist
2. Romantic Dreams
3. Leathers
4. Swerve City
5. Entomb (Dazzle)
6. Graphic Nature
7. Tempest
8. Gauze
9. Rosemary
10. Goon Squad
11. What Happened To You?

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Thrice Reveal ‘Anthology’ Details

Thrice (who are currently on a hiatus after 13 years and eight full-length releases) have announced details of several pre-order packages for their forthcoming live recording, ‘Anthology’.. The record features 24 songs from their ‘Farewell Tour’ and will be available digitally, on two CDs, and as a limited edition box set containing four LP’s. The LP box set is limited to just 3000 stamped and numbered pieces and will include a 24-page photo booklet along with 2 black LP’s and 2 white LP’s all on 180 gram vinyl.

Drummer Riley Breckenridge stated:

“Is a live record that is truly live. There are no overdubs, no edits and no pitch corrections. We wanted this to be an honest and accurate representation of a show from our Farewell Tour and a memento for our fans, and that’s exactly what it is.”

‘Anthology’ track listing:
1. Yellow Belly
2. Image of the Invisible
3. The Artist In The Ambulance
4. Kill Me Quickly
5. Under A Killing Moon
6. Silhouette
7. In Exile
8. The Weight
9. Promises
10. Daedalus
11. Words In The Water
12. Of Dust And Nations
13. Red Sky
14. The Earth Will Shake
15. The Messenger
16. Digital Sea
17. Stare At The Sun
18. Deadbolt
19. To Awake And Avenge The Dead
20. Beggars
21. Come All You Weary
22. Phoenix Ignition
23. T & C
24. Anthology

Fans are able to per-order ‘Anthology’ here.

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Smelling the Glove

When Scottish skater Kerr McLachlan asked us to share his online artwork last week, we gave him a test to Smell The Glove and this sexist offering based on cult heavy metal film Spinal Tap is what came back in return.

You can see the rest of Lois and Kerr’s artwork on their fb page.


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New Dinosaur Jr album ‘I Bet On Sky’ September 17th

Dinosaur Jr are back with yet another album to amazing collection of work announcing today that they will be unleashing new album ‘I Bet On Sky’ through PIAS on September 17th.

This new body of work is the 3rd album since the original trio of J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph reformed in 2005 and marks the band’s 10th studio album since their debut on Homestead Records in 1985.

UK dates will be announced shortly and we do not have any music to share, but for now, the track listing for this new album goes like this:

1. Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know
2. Watch The Corners
3. Almost Fare
4. Stick A Toe In
5. Rude
6. I Know It Oh So Well
7. Pierce The Morning Rain
8. What Was That
9. Recognition
10. See It On Your Side

dinosaur_jr_photo_2012_I _Bet_The_Sky