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Top 10 skate video parts to Slayer

There’s no denying that music can make a video part come to life but you will have a bloody hard job picking a track better than Slayer’s to accompany four minutes of absolutely mind-blowing hammers.

Following the tragic death of Slayer co-founder and axe wielder Jeff Hanneman this month, we decided to dedicate this to him and the band for supplying the soundtracks that have always made skateboarding go off. We all know that the best tricks are made at the final minute of any skate jam whilst Raining Blood is pumping through everyone’s ears and veins, so it’s time to pay back some homage to the band who make it happen.

Here’s a selection of footage from the vaults with some of Slayer’s best tunes and a fine reason to look back at some amazing skating…

Oh and by the way, there are way more out there that didn’t make the cut, so no Grant Taylor in SB’s flick (as I could not find it to embed and secondly it’s a shit skate video), and I can’t be arsed to list them all, so argue about it in the comments below.

10. Slayer with Danny Way & Jake Brown at the DC Super Ramp in 2002.

There’s no need for music in this first entry, so see this as a warm up. Hanneman and his band mates are on the platform taking in a private session with Danny Way and Jake Brown in this clip. The DC super ramp evolved big time, as did Slayer’s incredible legacy.

9. Jon Colbert in ‘Chopped and Screwed!’

Answers on a post card as to the whereabouts of Jon Colbert these days, but his part in this 2006 Shake Junt flick kicks this off with some tasty slams ahead of his commitment in this part to Slayer’s ‘Bloodline’ tune.

8. Paul Machnau in ‘United By Fate #2’

Slayer worked their ‘Black Magic’ on Paul Machnau for his United By Fate part from Globe Shoes. Skip 7 mins 30 seconds on this clip to re-watch the Canadian rip the shit out of ledges and rails like a don. Does anyone else in the game own a better nosegrind? Arguable of course, but just sayin’.

7. Jon Allie in ‘Dying To Live’.

Slayer’s ‘Tormentor’ track was the chosen soundtrack for Jon Allie’s fucking amazing part in the Zero video, ‘Dying To Live’. Allie stomped every handrail and gap to absolute pieces in this section. I’m pretty sure that no DJ has ever followed Slayer with The Proclaimers either, as this flick did in John Rattray’s section, but that is the beauty of Zero- anything goes.

6. Creature in United Nations at The Berrics.

This blew up the interweb when it dropped on Halloween back in 2011. Watch Navarette, Mallory, Gravette, Apello, Hitz, Partenen, Hooker, Guerrero and Conover eat the place alive to the sounds of Slayer’s ‘Skeletons Of Society’. Total beasts.

5. Alex Gall in ‘In Bloom’.

Alex ‘Trainwreck’ Gall chose Slayer’s ‘Aggressive Perfector’ for his section in Transworld’s monstrous ‘In Bloom’ video. This was an extra track on the ‘Haunting the Chapel’ EP that came out in 1984 following Slayer’s debut ‘Show No Mercy’- both skater and band totally rip, naturally.

4. Wade Speyer in ‘Hot Batch’.

Many skaters (including myself) have sat on a platform shouting the words ‘Slayer!’ as this guy 5050’d round the entire Marseille bowl at 100mph. Wede Speyer’s section in Powell Peralta’s ‘Hot Batch’ video dropped onto VHS back in 1992 and although this flick is slightly forgettable in the history of great Powell full length’s, Speyer’s choice of using ‘Mandatory Suicide’ to his slow motion moves is notable.

3. Ben Gilley in ‘Label Kills’

25 years have flown by since Black Label started and nobody is ready to forget either. Ben Gilley’s section in the ‘Label Kills’ video released in 2001 flew the flag with ‘Seasons in the Abyss’ screeching out of the speakers whilst Gilley dug his heels in for the win. The best thing about this section is that Ben slams his bollocks on a rail and the music tends to cup it, so you don’t even wince. A section worth drawing blood for, for sure.

2. Erik Ellington in ‘Misled Youth’.

The friends section that came before Ellington’s full part in this Zero video back in 1999 had Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in tow. Slayer’s epic ‘South of Heaven’ obviously blew it out of the water to accompany Erik’s work perfectly. This bloke is Slayer and also now the co founder of Deathwish. You should now know how this is going to end…

1. Jim Greco in ‘The Deathwish Video’.

The fact that this was released online in the same week that Jeff Hanneman passed is bizarre. Jim Greco’s recent Deathwish part is one of the best you will see all year. His relentless hammers are accompanied by Slayer’s ‘Dead Skin Mask’ and one of the most explosive combinations in skateboard history. Long live skateboarding and long live Slayer!


Sorry, how could we forget Big Brother’s beer-puking, wretch-worthy entry from the ‘Crap’ video in 2001. Knock yourself out.