The Sunday Roast

Pic of the week: Gonzalo Jimenez ollies into heaven by Gerard Riera

Offcuts from Hold Tight London’s latest production Innocence & Experience were a UK highlight of this week. Scroll down for more of this week’s featured cuts.

We introduced Furr Skateboards with this edit featuring their new team this week. Full interview feature here.

Flo Marfaing and Kris Vile also shared a great new edit shot in Greece.

Creature’s new H-Bomb Jeremy Tuffli lit a fuse on the gnar front this week.

Quartersnacks remixed classic footage of Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis from yesteryear.

Keith Hufnagel’s skateboarding story was launched this week by Vice. Don’t miss this first Epicly Later’d series looking back on how he picked up his first sponsors in NYC.

We saw the premiere of All This Mayhem yesterday in London. You have to see this film. Tas Pappas’ crazy life is a rollercoaster of emotional chaos and will turn you inside out.

Thanks for visiting. Next week we will roll out lost Neil Blender letters and more.