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Winter Beanie Reviews

Drop MFG Beanies

This hat is seriously comfortable, I have been wearing one all week. The reversible option is always a bonus as well, especially if you are on the run. Also this striped beanie comes in all sorts of colours, this is our favourite although they did send us rasta hat for the review, but can you imagine Zac sporting a rasta hat? Nah, nor could we!

Go visit for all info on these 2 hats.

Etnies Beanies

Etnies have these peaked winter beanies out that are quite fresh this season but we have no idea what they are actually called. This one is grey but they probably come in all sorts of colours. They even have these festive cuties for the ladies with lovely stars on to. for all the trimmings.

Es Beanies

Es have gone for the traditional beanie in the colours you can see from this image and come up trumps.

Simplicity rules unless your name is Simon.


Blueprint Skateboards have gone for various beanie designs this winter.

The simple grey classic beanie is a sure shot and Chewy’s beanie will take some beating with the Charlie Brown fans.

This Chester beanie in red is pretty bland but will do the job and I have no idea what they were thinking with the Wallpaper logo beanie, as it looks like something your Mum will wear on Fireworks night! Could you imagine Paul Shier wearing one of these? There is something for everyone here though, so take your for more.