Skateboarding Product Reviews

Winter Glove Reviews

Drop MFG Throttle Gloves

Are you thinking of going snowboarding and looking for Gloves? Well these Drop MFG Throttles are the nuts.I have been wearing them to and from work as the slopes are miles away right now and they are damn hot. They are waterproof, perforated and in leather that is soft to the touch with a zipper at the back.

You could also use them for burglaries and bank jobs as they look the part but best used on the slopes.

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Nikita Knitmit

Girls will be looking fresh in these crystal white Nikita Knitmits this winter. But washing them will become the norm as these will turn dirty in colour if you don’t keep them clean.

Also available in red and black to and at a snip at £8.99 from selected stores.

Visit or for a list of the stores to grab them from.