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Winter Hoodies Review

Blueprint Prevalence & Matryoshka Hoodies

Blueprint are arguably the most active skateboard company in the UK but what are their new hoodies like? Well after wearing a Prevalence design for a week, they are soft strong and very very long, just like the advert but without the dogs. Actually, you can take the long bit out, but they are soft and fluffy and desirable for the winter months ahead.

I’m sure their large European Tour to promote 2005’s Lost and Found video inspired the Matryoshka design, in fact next time you see Brady down the Southbank, ask him yourself. These hooded zippers are out now alongside their Cursive range, find out more at

Unabomber Wings Hooded Zipper

This is the OG in style, I dunno why, it probably has something to do with the great artwork but I have worn one of these until it started to get holes in the elbows over the last year and a half.

They are comfortable and made from the same people that supplied Crossfire hoodies in our last clothing run.

When you get these and they are new, they are so soft and cuddly and more often than not you find it worn by your bird when you are out, says a lot, go get one!

Nikita Girls Hot Spot Hoodie

One for the girls out there. Nikita make some seriously funky clothes and this winter the Hot Spot Hoodie should probably be at the top of your hit list with its comfortable set up.

These are also available in black and red, amazon green and grey, brown and army green and grey and orange.

£54.99 from stockists you can find at or the full range of colours if you click the Keiko link at

Etnies Girls – Vandal Hoodie

This hooded zip fleece should keep the girls snug this winter with 80% cotton and 20% polyester to keep you warm on the inside.

Comes with a pocket for your mitts and double logo a-go-go. for the whole range.