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They say ‘old habits die hard‘, but they know shit if you ask me.

A flat piece wood was my choice of ride for as long as I can remember, the flatter the better was a rule I lived by, until my resurrection that is. Seeing that it’s a new year, I thought I’d kick an old habit and try something new, so I went for Resurrected Wood.

I went all out with my new choice and opted for 8 inches of Canadian Hardrock Maple. My first session was rocky, but I gave it enough chance to find myself really enjoying the new experience. The board has a good contrast in concave, not too flat, not too concaved, just an even middle.

The thing I had to adjust to the most, was the high lift on its nose and tail. It’s something I’m not very used to, but it wasn’t hard to adapt and I totally confident with the shape of my wood after my first sesh . The tail seems to be a little bit longer than a usual board, but again, this is something I found useful for stability and super long tail slides.

I’ve been riding this Resurrection Mini for 3 weeks now and it’s still as strong as the day I got it. The wood is really stiff and has a cracking pop to it. Its not lost any of its power and I’m pretty sure a bus couldn’t snap this beast. It’s served me well so far and I can honestly see myself carving away on it for a long time.

If you fancy a board with extra lift, mad pop and extremely solid, then I recommend one of these boards.

They come in 7.5/7.75 and 8 inches and will have you reeled in before you know it…

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