Skateboarding Product Reviews

Spitfire Portahellas

Spitfire has undoubtedly dominated the wheel market for as long as I can remember; the simple reason is that they have the best fucking wheels ever! This isn’t my first set of Spitties and definitely wont be my last! They rock and I’m probably a bit biased as they are my favourite wheel co.

The Portahellas, like all their other wheels, are simply amazing and super long lasting. I’m currently riding 52mm black/orange swirls and if you like speed, you’ll love these!!! They are hard enough for endless slides and soft enough to ride on tarmac without vibration. These bad boys haven’t flat spotted at all and I’ve been putting them to the test on my slido-meter. They are immaculate on smooth concrete and mini ramp is no exception, MAC10 all the way.

They are hella good on all terrain and will serve you well, guaranteed!!!

Live FAST, Ride FAST!!!