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Don’t feed the animals.

There is an age old saying that says, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you“. But, then there is also the one about how “You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink“… So in a slight follow-on from our recent revelations of murky waters and dodgy dealings within the skate industry, news has been leaked that Zoo York is set for a bumpy ride.

The unique New York roster of skate talent was bought up in a bid to save the dwindling company a few years ago (When skating was riding the crest of its wave!) by urban fashion guru, Mack Echo– founder of Ecko Clothing. Since then, the ethic of Zoo York being a raw skate company has simply flown out of the window…

The latest act of injury for the East Coast beast is the loss of Clyde Singleton, professional veteran and full-time comedian. Clyde left the company after contractual disagreements, but isn’t the first to have retired from such a dubious deal; Team manager Sal Barbier has gone, OG heads Jeff Pang and Rodney Smith are long gone, as are other members of the Original Zoo team, and more recently John Igei bowed out too.

The whole situation is turning sour fast, and could stand as a warning for anyone involved in skateboarding for the wrong reasons i.e. fast bucks.