Skateboarding Product Reviews

Flip Zooted Parka

With a name like Zooted, this Flip Parka suggests it will give you the meaness and don’t-fuck-with-me attitude of some really hench drug dealer. And it does exactly that. Makes you feel tough as nails.

Living south of the river in wartime Peckham meant this got two very different test situations. The first being in my normal persona of skinny white Englishmen from an academic city, and living in an old house with crap central heating. With the boiler out of action, I was forced to wear a coat indoors and this parka made me instantly feel like I was in a sauna, in Summer, on the outskirts of the Sahara. Bloody hell is this thing warm!

So cup of tea and sitting in front of the three-bar later, I took it out for a stealth mission to town for supplies. And it did it’s job of making me look like I’d kick the shit out of you, because I didn’t get mugged once. The massive pockets could have concealed knuckledusters, a machete and anti-tank missiles with ease, whilst the fluffy hood kept my face hidden from the pigs. Old ladies were dropping their shopping and running across the other side of the street when they saw me coming. But I helped them pick it up of course, because it’s all an act ain’t it, and I’m really a nice bloke.

So for making yourself look like a drug dealer, but keeping your shivering body warm whilst you run home for some cocoa in front of Gardener’s World, this Flip Zooted Parka is the best thing you can buy.