Buzz Chart


What Did He Say?
(Self Released)

It’s not often you see grime in the buzz chart, but this one just couldn’t miss out. P-Money‘s latest opus What Did He Say? is the most militant grime track since Pow! so you’d be a fool not to check it out. If this song were a person, it’d be a renegade ninja, knifed up to the teeth and ready to fuck you up so bad you’re pissing out of your nostril before the nurses even get to you.

The track blasts in with a ferocious beat, pouding your speakers [if you don’t have them turned right up, you’re a pussy] and P-Money makes it perfectly clear that if you cross him, you’re going to be fucked up sooner rather than later. With lines like “Suck your mum as fast as you can I’ll time you” and “Hold on what? You don’t like who? DICKHEAD! Mind who you’re talking to”, it’s obvious he ain’t in the mood for games.

This tune is big. So big in fact, that it makes Rik Waller look like an oompa loompa. So stop reading this, tool up and listen to the track.