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27 Dresses

20th Century Fox 2000 Pictures

Yet another formulaic rom-com about a woman who likes weddings, who approves these? Some wealthy, old, married man without a clue to what the masses really want. Or is this what the masses really want? Have I been fooling myself, thinking that the human race is generally a bit more imaginative and smarter than this? I guess not.

I can happily sit through a romantic comedy about weddings and love and stuff, as much as the next intelligent individual. Its just always nice if they have more than one layer, or aren’t so predictable you could come in to the screening an hour late and know exactly who is who, and what is going on. The characters are generally quitewell balanced; Jane is plain but adorably sweet and genuinely seems to want everyone to find happiness, even if it means she might miss out. Her friend Casey plays the dry wittedand more cynical character to rub off against Jane’s modest, selfless nature. The men of the film, on the other hand, were a little less charismatic or appealing; but I suppose they are an essential ingredient to this film.

Whilst playing the two-weddings-in-one-day game, Jane attracts the attention of Kevin; a journalist who despite having a rather sceptical outlook on marriage, writes for the wedding section of the New York Journal. Obviously though, Jane’s not interested in Kevin, why would she be, she’s clearly one of those people who never lets anything good happen to her. That’s why she’s in love with her boss (George), because she knows she’ll never have him. George then falls for Jane’s sister Tess, who is the extreme opposite of Jane, Jane finds out, pretends to be happy, organises their wedding, until she can no longer hold in her utterly obvious secret any longer. Will she get the man of her dreams? No. Obviously not, because that never happens.

27 Dresses is a predictable, uninspired romantic comedy, in which nothing remotely exciting or surprising ever occurs. Jane’s cheerful and hapless character can’t quite save the film though. Apart from that the film had energy and charm, if it wasn’t so clichéd and if the script was a bit sharper it could have been a little more entertaining. A small part of me enjoyed 27 Dresses, probably in the same way I seldom like to scoff a handful of sugary cereal. Its not very substantial or healthy but it does offer a flash of forgettable joy.

Emily Paget