Buzz Chart

The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids
Totally Flossed Out EP
(Fool’s Gold)

Names are all important in hip hop, that’s a given. Sticking “Lil” or “Young” in front of your name just doesn’t cut the mustard around these parts so 99% of the rap scene are eliminated from the Buzz Chart consideration. I wanna hear some cats that throw down ridiculously groggy minimal beats AND have the balls to back it up with confidence on the mic which is why I’m bringing The Cool Kids to the Crossfire charts.

With a name like that, they have to step it up otherwise they’ll look about as stupid as I did in Moose’s tight jeans at the last Crossfire Boat Party. Thankfully the duo step it up like they’re wearing size 100 kicks, throwing in the booming lyrical prowess over the aforementioned grog.

Their EP, Totally Flossed Out, is banger after lack-of-melody banger and they really know how to rock a track to fuck. So whilst I could have chosen any track from it, the track you can hear if you click the link above is 88 which features electro popping in the background of the chorus and some crunching guitars inbetween.

The kids are fucking cool.