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Lakai’s ‘Fully Flared’ premiere hits London

Leicester Square was literally blown away last night by the Lakai boys and their Fully Flared video.

When we say blown away, the intro sequence had us all diving for the bomb shelters, just you wait. In attendance were Brandon Biebel and Mike Carroll, whose sections were chronicles of ridic, and other outstanding sections from the likes of Mike Mo (holy shitting Christ that kid is good), Eric Koston, Scott Johnston, Jesus Fernandez, MJ, Rick Howard, The Royal Family, Guy Mariano and many more.

Just to let you know, no-one at the London premiere cried during Mariano’s section, unlike some kid in Los Angeles when it was shown, apparently! The after party shenanigans round the corner left a few people with soreheads, naturally, the evidence of which can be found below in yet another booze-fuelled Night Raids, coming very soon!