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(Dead and Gone Records)
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Hardcore, Thrash Metal and Punk Rock once melted together can be hit or miss most times and the word crossover is rarely heard in this day and age so when a gem sticks up out of the coal you have to grab it and make it shine.

Liverpool based Short Sharp Shock (SSS) have captured the essence of all of these genres that made the 1980’s one of the best times for this music possible. Imagine all of the energy, filth and fury of bands such as S.O.D, Nuclear Assault, Poison Idea and Metallica all rolled into one LP with screaming guitars, in your face vocals, killer drumming and thumping bass lines.

This is the closest you will get to rediscovering the term ‘Skate Rock’ but instead of it being done by pro skaters who can’t play instruments; this is done by people who know how to play well leaving you with a feeling that you have one of the best records in your collection of 2007. Word on the street says they are supporting Gang Green in March this year, start yours with a bang – get this record or die fucking lonely.

Zac Slack