The Haunted Interview

Anyone that visits the infamous on a regular basis will need no introduction to Peter Dolving – vocalist of Swedish metal titans The Haunted.

Through the medium of blogging Dolving has become an unlikely subject of intense scrutiny, with many of his innermost thoughts and opinions frequenting the site’s news stories and chat bulletins quicker than most people shit after a night at a Curry House. Crossfire’s metallic veteran Ryan Bird recently caught up with the front man to discuss life as Blabbermouth’s most outspoken and accidental resident…

Hello. How are you, sir?

Pretty god damned good, though I’m sorer than a whore’s ass! I started working out again a couple of weeks ago; new trainer, new regime. Harsh but good as gold.

Where in the world can we find you today?

Farting around in my house in the woods outside Gothenburg. I spent the morning eating cookies with my kids at their school.

What does a typical day in the world of Peter Dolving entail – both on and off the road?

At home: Laundry, vacuum cleaning, picking up toys and listening to the neverending rantings of two little Dolvings, who incidentally make me pale in comparison. And I train, sleep and eat. Chop wood, you know – I have a life pretty much.

On tour: Sleep, get a massage, read, watch movies and try to not get involved with groupies or drugs.

You seem to have attracted a lot of attention with regards to your personal blog lately – particularly via Blabbermouth. Why do you think people focus so intently on your views when there are so many other artists out there with a similar thought log?

Maybe ’cause I’m so damned handsome? I’m fucked if I know. I should do a survey – I’m sure that would get the appreciation with the nose pickers cruising Blabbermouth.

Do you find it quite flattering or just plain amusing that people choose to single you out in such a way?

I think it’s mostly fodder for my weak ego. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t keep doing it. As far as I know anyone so apt to talk and write about his emotions like myself have issues, big fucking slabs of the shit and yes, this is part of me dealing with it. But again, I think I’d probably still do it if I was a fairly balanced dude. There’s some greater sense of pathos that just enjoy starting shit with assholes who deserve being fucked with. I have to bite my lip not to get into shit sitting at a diner sometimes. Basically – sexists, homophobes, racist, and outright oppressive powertripper fascism pisses me off. What am I supposed to do? Shut up becuase it’s the cool thing to do? Fuck that. I live now. I don’t have another life to do things in.

Having focussed some of your thoughts and opinions through spoken word projects in the past, do you think this is something you’ll continue with after your time with The Haunted ends?

I still do some spoken word and I also lecture on music business, law and art. I’m a busy boy.

Speaking of The Haunted, your new album ‘The Dead Eye’ was recently released to largely positive acclaim. Are you pleased with the reception thus far?

Indeed I am, but my head has started boiling for a new album already.

How do you feel it compares to other efforts?

Personally I think it’s the best album we’ve produced together up until now. It’s diverse, has strong songs, amazing playing and I actually sound like I can sing. I think it kicks ass in a big way. Not that the previous albums didn’t, but this one is… deeper? Wow that sounds pretty horrific don’t it?

Of course, this is your first back-to-back recording as a member of The Haunted. Do you feel this continuation had any effect on how the material came out?

I think all in all coming back in the band has been good for all of us. I’m a pretty demanding dude but I love the four other members of this band and I’m VERY vocal in how I feel about things. It’s brought everyone a little bit out of their shells and made them speak out about what they feel strongly about, and it’s made us even stronger as a unit.

Did you find it difficult to adjust to life back in the band initially?

Sure, people change over the years. We all do. I read somewhere that a person completely changes in perception and attitude towards reality and becomes a new person on a cycle of 5-10 years. Artists even more often. That means in order to have a good relationship to someone you have to do a lot of fucking talking and feeling and fighting and making amends. When it comes down to it, I love my band.

Do you feel you’ve changed either as a person or a musician since your initial spell in the 90’s? If so then how?

I’m a waaaaaaaaaaay happier person. When onstage I still have a tendency to lose grip on shit but as long as it stays onstage that’s alright. Being me has been rough. Not to say I’m not a priviliged person, because I think I am. But if someone would have told me that when I was 23 I would have punched their face through the back of their heads, and possibly gotten an erection to match the following anxiety.

I’m sure you get the picture. As a musician and person I feel I’ve come to terms very much with myself and my capacity. I enjoy who I am and what I do, which wasn’t true when I younger. It’s taken a LOT of work and I still have a lot to do. I still struggle with reality at times, but i’m human and I like it.

The Haunted’s new album ‘The Dead Eye’ is in stores now through Century Media Records. The band will return to UK shores in early 2007 as main support to Killswitch Engage. See for exact dates and details.