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Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson
(Columbia Records)

Mark Ronson is a well known DJ, born in London who was swiftly packed off to NYC by his mum where he learnt to play records and now enjoys his routine slot on the East Village Radio called Hello Echo.

Last year he hooked up with vocalist Alex Greenwald and unleashed such a brilliant cover of ‘Just’ from Radiiohead you will ever hear with its voluptuous horn section and rework that had people clucking for a copy all over the UK.

Ronson is back this month with a 10″only release of a cover of Britney Spears monstrous pop hit ‘Toxic‘ and if you think that no one could take a cheesy pop track and make it sound cool as f*** then think again because it’s done – he even threw Ol’ Dirty Bastard in there!

Mark will release an album titled ‘Versions‘ in April that includes a killer cover of ‘Stop Me’ by The Smiths, ‘Oh My God‘ by The Kaiser Chiefs with Lily Allen on vocals and a bunch more. It sounds cheesy but once you hear these tunes and realise they are infectious, you will be searching for his stuff for the rest of the year.

Check out this stream over at Radio 1 of Ronson in the mix, it says everything if you like to party. You can find it at the bottom column of the page under the Evening session – Mark Ronson Essential Mix.

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