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Black Kids

Black Kids
‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You’
(Almost Gold Recordings)

I’ve been told to listen to two bands this month because I might like them. From the Reverend Abjekt I was instructed to listen to Cool Kids, who make groggy basslines and are black. I was also told to listen to Black Kids, who make happy indie pop, are two-fifths black, and aren’t cool.

Now normally I like this type of Prozac-fuelled, cutesy video, lots of shouts and hand claps music, and I don’t even mind the song matter being particularly minimal with very little substance. Songs about fruit jam and sodapop, unicorns on crack, or teaching moves to some pillock with the dance abilities of Heather Mills are fine. But this is pretty much biting on everything that’s been done before.

They’re getting a lot of recognition, and for good reason. They write catchy songs, have a great sound, but it’s almost identical to Architecture in Helsinki and Of Montreal. In fact, I actually thought it was AiH when I first started listening. Oh, and when I put it on the second time round, the phone rang. It was Robert Smith asking for his voice back.

So, a catchy, well-played song, with more than an influence of some already brilliant bands just means that having listened to this, I’m more inclined to put my In Case We Die Hissing Fauna Galore remix CD on instead.