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In 2006, our ears were treated by the unpretentious disco-pop of crazily clad Brazilians CSS‘s first album: a happy-shiny disc of joy filled to the brim with the perfect mixture of guitar frolics and synth lines topped off with cute pop culture references from the oh-so sexy mouth of the impossible to ignore, Lovefoxxx.

Timed to perfection, in the midst of our somewhat short summer, they’ve scrambled together another collection of tracks as colourful as the girls’ seemingly endless collection of ridiculous (in the good sense of the word) dresses. Except this time, the fun seems slightly sub-dued.

This isn’t necessarily a flaw however; while the purposefully silly mentions of celebrities and adorable language jumbles are absent from Donkey, and the lyrics suggest that the band are genuinely ‘tired of being sexy‘, there is still a huge array of jubilance and guitar twangs that compliment the summery images it conjures. Lovefoxxx’ vocals are as irresistible as ever and there are enough funky bass lines in here to keep me satisfied, and that is saying something let me tell you. It’s not as upfront and bawdy as the eponymous, but it’s still got the funk and will surely sound wonderful live alongside the ever-colourful costumes and lost-in-dance moments. Let’s reggae all night baby.

Cansei de ser Joe