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Fucked Up

Fucked Up
Year Of The Pig

Newly signed to Matador Records, everyone’s favourite Canadian progressive sweary bootboy punks return with their first release for Matador; a reissue of last year’s Vice Record’s released eighteen-minute ‘Year Of The Pig‘ single.

This time, however, the band have edited the full eighteen minute version into a more radio friendly edit that comes in at under five minutes. While we’re not sure of the punk integrity of radio edits, at least some of the pure fucked up glory of ‘Year Of The Pig‘ will be heard on the airwaves and the full version is available on the CD version, alongside three different edits and some storming extra tracks.

For those of you yet to experience the full joy of ‘Year Of The Pig‘, cast aside all of your pre-conceived notions of what you might expect a hardcore punk band like Fucked Up to sound like and soak up eighteen minutes of undiluted forward thinking punk rock. The less adventurous among us can listen to the radio edit.

James Sherry