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Raphood & Authenticity
(Gahed Records)

Arizona isn’t the first place you’d think of when discussing hotbeds of hip hop. In fact, I’d struggle to name a hip hop artist from Arizona outside of DJ Z-Trip. However, KonGeror has come to change all that and his new record, Raphood & Authenticity is a great showcase of his talent.

Bringing both the beats [save the P.O.S. produced Asterisk*] and the vocals, KonGeror is clearly a man with talent and a desire to never let his audience the chance to settle down for a nice comfortable listening session. This album has music that jitters and clashes its way around your head and yet at the same time has a single-mindedness to get its message across.

Standout tracks Still 50’s, Gold Fronts and No Goons all display the variety in Kon’s production, and standing up on a track with P.O.S. and not being overshadowed shows just what an accomplished wordsmith he is. But the best track, which you can hear by clicking above, is Fees, with its brilliant drums and liquid vocal hook, it’s a winner from the very start.

The album is up for free download from August 1st, so head over to and pick it up!