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Braille, Sivion & Kaboose

Braille, Sivion & Kaboose
Heavy Rotation
(Hip Hop IS Music)

Lightheaded member Braille has set up his own record label, Hip Hop IS Music and the label has put out this Heavy Rotation mix cd to showcase the talents of some of the artists on the label with remixes, exclusives and brand new songs. This track, Heavy Rotation, is an exclusive featuring the talents of Kaboose and DeepSpace5 member and Hip Hop IS Music artists Sivion, who has his solo album, Spring Of The Songbird, out on the label now.

The beat by Vintage throws down a bumping low bassline with short guitar strums and the occassional horn sample as Braille opens up with his usual high energy flow leading into the catchy horn and vocal sampled led chorus. Sivion follows up with his verse stating that he’ll spit the truth as opposed to some of the nonsense lauded as good music and Kaboose finishes the track up with some nice rhymes of his own.

This track is an indication of just how exciting the label promises to be and if you’re not singing “heavy ro heavy ro heavy rotation” after this track is has faded out, you need to go and find yourself a groove sucker!