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The Bronx Album News

LA’s The Bronx are releasing their new album, a self titled 13 track effort, in September. The album, the follow up to their debut album of 3 years ago, will have a single, History’s Stranglers, brought out a week before hand on September 4th.

Recorded in a converted methadone clinic a half-block from the Venice boardwalk and inspired by the contrast of its filth and its filthy rich, the method was much the same as the group’s first record – all basic tracks were recorded completely live, -capturing the essence of simultaneous, convincing performances.

Some UK dates are being planned and should be announced relatively soon, and the group have been using Bronx-O-Vision on their US dates, seeing the crowd wearing 3-D glasses for the show! Meanwhile the band are due to appear as pre-Rollins Black Flag in the film What We Do Is Secret, documenting the 70s band The Germs.