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Bonde Do Role

Bonde Do Role
…With Lasers

Brazilian party animals Bonde Do Role are currently of interest and with the release of their debut album …With Lasers, it is easy to see why. Whilst their fellow Brazilians CSS are winning over the indie kids, Bonde are bringing in the bigger drums and the Baile vocals to give the music scene over here something it will never have heard before.

Solta O Frango, the second track on the album, sets the scene for the rest of the record perfectly with the 808 claps snapping over the chanted chorus before Marina goes back into hollering the verse as if she were standing on a float at a Carnival.

Gasolina is the stand out track on the album with Diplo’s production proving to be yet another winner on his list of achievements as the horns pump out a low melody and those drums get you pumping and shaking like an epileptic staring at a strobe light.

Single Office Boy is a guitar led song which continues to the singing chorus and feels a little more poppy than the rest of hte album, proving Bonde aren’t just a baile funk group. Their music is so much fun that it really makes no difference whether you can understand the lyrics or not, you’ll be too busy dancing and mimicking the shouted parts [even if you’re just going OLOLOLOL SERI SAAAAAAAAO which means precisely nothing] to care.

…With Lasers is just the sort of thing you want to wyle out to this summer. If you don’t pick this album up, you’re a chump. Yes, that’s right, a chump.