Live Reviews

Juggaknots / Brooklyn Academy – Live

Task Force
The Forum

Walking into the Forum at 9pm and seeing a venue empty save around 10 people wasn’t the sort of sight I expected when entering the building that would see the Juggaknots first ever show in the UK. With classic tracks such as Trouble Man and Jive Talk being loved everywhere, I was sure it was going to be a pumped up, rowdy crowd.

However, by 10pm, DJ MK and Ghost were still on the decks, throwing up the usual club fare from Big L through Mobb Deep and Wu Tang to Biggie. Task Force finally got a chance to get on stage after some “technical difficulties” and Chester P and Farma G were on top form, knocking out the brilliant Wah Blow [trying hard to get the small crowd to make a noise] and the always fun Graff Da Bus Up with Farma G’s Cake thrown in for good measure, not to mention Chester’s introduction of Farma’s son Remus when he said “Remus, representing his half term”.

Jehst then bounded on stage for the end of their set, with Chester P throwing in a little something off the top and Asaviour was close behind. Jehst, it seemed, had been spending his waiting time boozing as he was a little jolly and forgot his lines a few times. It didn’t ruin the night however, as his continual “what the fuck is UP Forum?” brought smiles to everyone’s faces. Running through Psychedelic Phlegm, People Under The Weather, Citizen Smif, High Plains Anthem and Pepper Spray [featuring nice cameos from Sir Smuf Lil and Kashmere], Jehst proves that even when he’s half-cut, he’s still the best rapper out there.

I wasn’t able to stay for the majority of the main event, as the limited confines of trains out of London dictated I had to vamoose thanks to the very late start of the night, but seeing Breezly Brewin and his crew, along with Pumpkinhead and the rest of Brooklyn Academy made sure that those who did manage to get out to the show, didn’t have a wasted journey.

[Photo taken from Juggaknots set at Scribble Jam 06 – by Abjekt]