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New Tony Hawk section online

tony_hawk_bluntTony Hawk has released a new section this week. Watch this amazing new footage of him skating vert and more shot in California, Sweden and China.

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Bones Brigade An Autobiography film to premiere

The magic box of skateboard history will be opened once again this month as Stacy Peralta’s new documentary on The Bones Brigade is set to premiere at the Sundance Festival on the 21st January in the US.

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography features archival footage and moving first-person accounts from Brigade members Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, and Rodney Mullen, among many others.

The film documents the phenomenal scene that the team inspired at the time with their amazing skateboarding and goofy characters. Whether you are young or older, this will be a documentary that is a must see if you are a skateboarder. Tony Hawk talked to us briefly about the film in this recent video interview that you can view below, look out for the inevitable European screening announcements soon.

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Read Zac Crossfire’s Front interview in full

It’s not often i’m on the receiving end of questions, it’s usually the other way round, but on this occassion due to the 10 Year Anniversary and Front being involved, yours truly decided to do an interview with Front Magazine ahead of this year’s Massacre. A slither of this Q&A session was published in the Magazine in October, but this week, the lads at Front have made the entire interview available online.

Visit the Front website to find out more about where your daily skate and music zine comes from plus a little more on some of the highlights of the last 10 years here.

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8 year old Evan Doherty pulls 720 on vert

I just woke up to a comment of Sean Goff’s facebook page that said “Someone should tell this kid that skateboarding is hard!!!”

Watch Evan Doherty chalk up one of skateboarding’s hardest tricks at just age 8. Crazy world.

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Tony Hawk discusses Bones Brigade documentary

tony_hawkTony Hawk has lost a tooth skating a vert ramp in Florida after colliding with long time friend and Birdhouse buddy Kevin Staab. The Birdhouse tour has been rolling across America with demos in various parks, including Tampa’s indoor park.

Watch the footage from that demo below and view our Tony Hawk video interview that covers the forthcoming Bones Brigade documentary that is being filmed right now plus much more.


Tony Hawk interview

tony_hawkTony Hawk is still the busiest and most dedicated skateboarder on the planet, and proved exactly that when he stopped overnight in London last month to inspire kids to support the Laureus project. This foundation uses the power of sport to help tackle pressing social challenges through a worldwide programme of sports related community development initiatives so we popped down to East London to see him box with the locals and discuss the past, present and future.

This video interview covers the Sport For Good Foundation, reminiscing the 1988 Bones Brigade Tour of Europe at the Latimer Road vert demo and skating the legendary Livingstone Skatepark in Scotland. We also ask Tony about how the Megaramp is making an impact across the planet, the rise of ams on the up, the growing popularity of indoor training facilities in the US, plus an insight into the forthcoming Bones Brigade documentary that is being put together right now by Stacy Peralta.

Click play for the full interview by Matthew Bromley and big thanks to Laureus for the invite and photos. Visit the Quiksilver UK site here.

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Coastal Carnage 2011 finals video

The finals from this weekend’s Coastal Carnage event in Huntington Beach has been documented by the Tampa crew.

Tom Remillard took first place and $15,000. Tony Hawk won Best Trick with a crazy 540 on the shark pillar. Click here for the full results and video for the qualifying sessions.

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Aaron Jaws Homoki’s A Happy Medium 2 section online

Buster O’Shea’s video A Happy Medium 2 featured 10 of the best skaters from Arizona back in 2008. Today, Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki’s section from that video is online. if you have never seen this before, get stuck in, as Jaws has become one of the most watched skateboarders on the internet since this dropped.

Look out for Tony Hawk’s interview on here in the next week or so, as he speaks about his Birdhouse team rider and other ams that have ripped up the technical rule book. Enjoy this!

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Coastal Carnage 2011 footage and results from this weekend

Enjoy some bowl skating and all round gnar from this weekend’s Coastal Carnage in Huntington Beach, California. Here’s the results from Skate Daily and the qualifiers edit from the Tampa crew.


1. Tom Remillard
2. Pedro Barros
3. Curren Caples
4. Tony Hawk
5. Ben Hatchell
6. Ben Raybourn
7. Robbie Russo
8. Kevin Kowalski
9. Kalani David
10. Andrew Langi
11. Josh Mattson
12. Div Adams
13. Christian Hosoi
14. Kyle Berard
15. Lance Mountain

Best Trick: – Tony Hawk – 540 on the shark hip

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Tony Hawk Crossfire interview incoming

Tony Hawk was in town 2 weeks back for a swift visit to Laureus, a project set up to inspire kids in East London. We were invited to pop over there and say hello and returned with a video interview for you that will be running on here soon where Tony discusses the new Bones Brigade plans with Stacy Peralta, Birdhouse plans, the impressive amount of ams on the rise across the planet and much, much more.

Watch this teaser for now and spread the word.