Lakai Camby


The good folk of Lakai have rolled out the ultimate sunshine tripper this year in the Camby shoe. It’s a simple number that comes in either canvas or suede that perform as a perfect all-round chiller. I have had these on now for a month and just managed to get them in the washing machine to freshen them up, as there’s been no need for socks in this heat, unless you are someone who has adopted the ‘long sock and roll’ look. They came out of this cycle fine, to live another day, just doing what they do best, which is pretty much taking care of business of my feet on a hot summer’s day.

You can skate in these of course as Stevie Perez proves in the clip below, but don’t expect a simple shoe like this to last forever when hitting your grip tape every day. They come with a vulc sole in black, green, port, red, navy and even a cloud design in light blue and fluffy white. The best part of this is that they are made by skaters, for skaters, so take that in the next time you are stood in your local skate shop and #chooseskateboarding.


Etnies Bledsoe low

etnies_bledsoe-low-dark-navy-alt1There’s a strong feeling when you get a package of shoes from Etnies to review. Skater owned shoe companies are by far the only option for my feet and Etnies being one of the leaders in this field usually never let me down. Etnies’ latest pro shoe once again deliver the comfort on the highest level straight out of the box.

These stylish canvas beauties sporting Tyler Bledsoe’s signature bring a new twist to his first pro shoe. They are low. Way low. Cushionwise, the Bledsoe Low rocks the party. Super comfy and tough on the touch. No flappy shoe business going on here whatsoever, just pure comfort. They come up slim with a lace locking system and toggle that you can take out if you don’t fancy it, but it does the job and tightens your ride. I don’t recommend skating vert with this in your shoe though, but when was the last time you saw Specs on a 14ft tranny? Exactly. He rules the streets and brings a smile to his game the width of an Alien Workshop deck, just as you will when your toes slip into his new pumps.

Highly recommended. Support skater owned.