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The Guardian highlights ‘skater style’

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Skater style on the catwalkAnother bemusing ‘skate’ fashion feature was published online yesterday spotlighting this new ‘skater style’ that we apparently are all wearing thesedays.

The catwalks continue to churn out scene-hoppers highlighted by the Guardian, whose efforts of supporting the ongoing battle at Southbank continue in this new article. Topshop were the last to make us aware of how the ‘Southbank skate‘ look was the height of fashion but we still do not understand the link with statements like “Skater style – fashion’s hottest trend.”

“Filling the style space left vacant by glitz comes skater style. Fashion rode a wave with surf a couple of seasons ago – now it’s skaters who are having a moment.”

The article also mentions various brands such as Vans with their recent various collabs with designers inking their shoes. Have a read and take in Stella McCartney’s wonderful work here. I have obviously just ordered one for the missus.

Skateboarding News

Have you got the ‘Southbank Skate’ look?

Sat there on your fixed gear in last year’s Black Flag t-shirt feeling out of date with the changing times of fashion? Have no fear because this season’s fashion tip comes from Topman who have unleashed the ‘Latest Trend’ on the high street: Southbank Skate.

This phenomenal look “takes the greatest parts of 90’s alternative youth culture and makes it relevant for the 21st Century. From worn acid washes to eccentric floral prints in denim jackets shorts, shirts and even suits, men’s skate clothing is back in a reinvented way with Topman.”

The funniest part of this is the fact that someone must have researched what skaters were wearing down at the Undercroft before knocking these out! Keep them coming…

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