Have you got the ‘Southbank Skate’ look?

Sat there on your fixed gear in last year’s Black Flag t-shirt feeling out of date with the changing times of fashion? Have no fear because this season’s fashion tip comes from Topman who have unleashed the ‘Latest Trend’ on the high street: Southbank Skate.

This phenomenal look “takes the greatest parts of 90’s alternative youth culture and makes it relevant for the 21st Century. From worn acid washes to eccentric floral prints in denim jackets shorts, shirts and even suits, men’s skate clothing is back in a reinvented way with Topman.”

The funniest part of this is the fact that someone must have researched what skaters were wearing down at the Undercroft before knocking these out! Keep them coming…

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Cruising Fever is spreading like Herpes

This week a “self-portrait” video titled Barcelona Cruising Fever was published to the web featuring the skating, filming and editing the Alexander Costin. The subject cruises the streets of the Catalonian capital to the Cramps on one of Globe’s new Bantam sticks.

The polyprop skateboard seems to be one of the most marketed tools in the industry right now but the question is: are the tools the people that ride them, or are you down with the influx of these tiny plastic skateboards?