Say farewell to the Level in Brighton this Saturday

As British skateboard history goes, The Level in Brighton has a few tales from the 33 years it has been in operation. From having a killer vert and mini to the shards of wood that are left to this very day, locals skaters of East Sussex have cherished every minute of this place but it’s time to say goodbye.

This Saturday 13th October is the very last session before the diggers come through there and rebuild the park with Freestyle Skateparks’ skills to erect the new concrete and take it into the future. The final design plans are still bouncing between council, Freestyle and the BHSA so expect work to be carried out in the new year if all goes to plan. Until then, if you want to see this spot off, this Saturday is your chance.

There’s a facebook page here.


OTRO: The world’s first glow in the dark skatepark

Remember this post back in May of the French art project that was being built by Korean artist Koo Joeng-A? Well even if you missed it, Project Otro just took a new twist and has became the World’s first ever glow in the dark skatepark.

This has got to be one of the wildest achievements in skateboard history, not only for it’s bizarre Halloween-esque presence after dark, but with design and architecture that pushes the limits of what can be built and skated out there. It’s a simply delightful installation. Get a ticket that takes you to the edge of Lake Vassivière, like now.

otro_ Glow-In-The-Dark-Skate-Park-by-Koo-Jeong-A-0

otro_ Glow-In-The-Dark-Skate-Park-by-Koo-Jeong-A-0