Skateboarding Product Reviews

Palace Skateboards Jungle Dream Hood

palaceskateboards_jungledreamhoodMixing the grime of innercity life and high fashion, this London-based brand has grown considerably over the last year and even drawn some European awared love in the process this year so far.

The Jungle Dream Hood by Palace sets itself aside from the rest of the garments on the clothes rack by its use of bold colours and triangle logo but also by it’s top-end price tag of £85. Many a skateboarder could not afford such an expensive item of clothing, but Palace isn’t seeking to supply the mass market. The people ready to pay top dollar for soft goods are those that recognise the difference in quality and the exclusive nature of the garment. Palace has produced a heavy 100% cotton top made in China with screened labels, thick cuffs and loose hood.

This is not the sort of top that’s going to shrink or fade after a 40-degree wash. Neither should it rip to shreds the next time to catch a crack in the pavement and hit the cold concrete. Check Slam, Lost Art, Reskue, Bored and other stores in the UK to pick one up.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis