C.U.R.B: Constantly Unearthing Radical Beauty

Roger Skateboards are firing on all cylinders this week with this brand new C.U.R.B edit filmed in Texas that will surely make you want to just leave the house and skate. Everyone loves skating curbs. If you are the exception, then we are sorry that you are missing out. Go, get, some, of, this.

Constantly Unearthing Radical Beauty (C.U.R.B.) from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

Slappy Endings

It’s becoming a curb filled week so far. Rob Harris from the Green Diamond has a contender for Edit of the Week with this short film made to remember the good times from a favourite spot named Slappy Cove. Enjoy this tribute celebrating a menagerie of other curbs, both large and small. Go wax a curb and get a session going today.