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Thrasher Vacation: England

Ph: David Broach


It’s finally here. Thrasher’s summer trip to British shores visited Rom, Tottenham, Southbank, the Deaner and much more. They came, they destroyed, they left and here’s the evidence from Grant Taylor, Ronnie Sandoval and Raven Tershy who rampage through blighty!

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Thrasher Vacation Tour London footage


We spent Thursday night and Friday afternoon camped out with a few tins at both the House of Vans and Victoria Park in our backyard of Old London Town. Enjoy our edit of the Thrasher Vacation Tour with Grant Taylor, Ronnie Sandoval, Tommy Sandoval, Andy Scott and more.

Thanks to Dan Joyce whose drone came good with a different view to the pack and also our old buddy Ed Gill who took care of the view from the ground. Our full gallery of the House of Vans party is live, get down there before the 31st to see the exhibition.

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Watch Blue Lines with Wilt, Russo and more

Enjoy this short concept film by Brian Lotti and Nathan Factor Sacharow who explore various ways of tracking and shooting skateboarders moving through the landscape.

Involved are Cooper Wilt, David Bowens, Derek Fukuhara, Adrian Adrid, Ronnie Sandoval, Riley Stevens, and Robbie Russo.

Blue Line (extended) from Nathan Factor Sacharow on Vimeo.