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Kill City Rookies premiere pics from Cardiff

The Kill City team were out in force last night in their home town of Cardiff to premiere their new DVD, Rookies at the Buffalo Bar.

It can be described in one post from Dan Joyce who wrote on Dainton’s wall this morning:

“Just when skating got boring and predictable, just what it needed, well done.”

Dainton sent us one sentence as the fresh hangover kicked in: “What an excellent night for an exorcism…”

As far as premiere’s go this one was the big one. Even the riders hadn’t seen the film so it was with big anticipation the audience was shouting for Dainton to press play on the DVD. I know Newport will be the punk rock premier but Cardiff was in high spirits too. The team was split between Cardiff and Barcelona on the night but every rider, present or not got the big reception as the parts flew by. Everyone has seen the regular Kill City edits that appear online but this whole video is fresh footage and put together seamlessly. Not wanting to spoil the surprises for the next week of premiere’s, this whole video has style; visually and through the skating too. Dainton’s filming is fast moving and Kill City have put the time, the miles and the energy into this film. The Cardiff premiere was the start of a big week for Rookies. It’s a great team performance and a sick video, make the effort and get to see this film quick! – Jono Atkinson.

Here’s some images shot for us thanks to Jono. If you are viewing this from Wales then don’t miss tonight’s screening in Newport at Le Pub and this Saturday after the Crossfire Xmas Jam with the full team at Mau Mau’s in Portobello road and expect 100% skateboarding as the film is obviously nothing like the trailers.


Pritchard vs Dainton Reflections 2011

pritchardvsdaintonTwo of skateboarding’s most colourful characters came through our office at the very end of November unannounced, so we took the opportunity to find out exactly what Dirty Sanchez duo Matt Pritchard and Lee Dainton got up to throughout 2011 and the highlights throughout the year.

They have spent time on the road performing their Pritchard vs Dainton stage show where, quite frankly, they get hurt for the pleasure of many onlookers, annihilated themselves for charity and have still made time to love skateboarding. Click play for a Reflections feature and also find out more about the Kill City Skateboards DVD release ‘Rookies’ that will be dropping this December into your local skate shop.

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Matt Pritchard spills all for PvsD TV

prichardvsdaintonWe have not had the pleasure of seeing Death Skateboard’s Matt Prichard‘s mug on this site for a while so was a pleasure to see his healthy frame on facebook this morning getting amongst it as ever.

Pritch talks about first tattoos, skateboarding regrets, worst pranks and even his fixation on collecting Galaxy chocolate wrappers.

Watch it below and look out for Dainton’s installment next week and find them both at

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Sunday Stooges: Jess Young remix edit

Lee Dainton’s latest Sunday Stooges edit went up online today featuring some killer Jess Young footage from Kill City Skateboards’ archives and a healthy dose of love for our new website that are you are viewing right now.

Enjoy this video blog that also covers some crazy moments from Pritchard and Dainton‘s recent travels across Europe entertaining shit loads of drunks as they roll and click here to read Jess’ interview if you missed it last week.