Mini ramp edit from Mile End with Chroliver and co

The East End of London has a new lock up in Mile End courtesy of the guys at the LCB skate shop.

Sam Bird took his camera down there to film a bunch of locals and visitors before they had their grand opening so enjoy this footage of Chris Oliver, Shaun Witherup, Samir Angel, Johnny Far, Bryce Campbell, Carl Richardson and Pete Buckley having fun.

Kidcam footage of Cliché team at Mile End

cliche_skate_logoLondoners turned out to see the the Cliché team skate over at Mile End last Saturday before their signing session at Slam City Skates. Watch a few tricks of Charles Collet, Lucas Puig, Flo Mirtain, John Tanner, Sammy Winter and Joey Brezinski filmed by a stoked kid here and look out for an official team edit from this week’s Bullseye tour coming soon.

In the meantime check out their Spring catalogue here and if you are planning to attend this year’s Manny Mania final event at Bay 66 Skatepark in London on April 30th you will find Joey Brezinski lurking there as special guest this year.

Video Feature: Birthday Session at Mile End

The Crossfire Advocates are back again, this time trading private mini ramps in for a rare dry winter session at Mile End to celebrate the birthday of Tom Ball.

Shot and edited by the reliable hands that belong to Alan Christensen and features skating from the birthday boy Tom Ball, Brendan Ryall, Guy Burchard, Laurie Sherman and Terrence Anthony.

Some of you may be familiar with Tom through his good work at BaySixty6. If you haven’t signed the petition to save the park from closure then please get involved here. Out to Tom with this one. See below for London shredding and good birthday vibes.