Incoming: Exist Clothing Video Jan 2011!

John Fisher has cranked out the goods again filming for the Exist Clothing video that is now due out early next year.

The video features sections from Jess Young, Nicky Howells, Sam Austin, Dylan Hughes, Welsh Tommy and Jack Kirtley. Fisher sure as hell makes skateboarding look damn good. That Nissan Micra will probably haunt me in my dreams after watching this though…

Jess Young for Destructo

Jess Young has long sat on the top of Wales’ most wanted list for single-handedly destroying the country’s collection of handrails and his destructive nature earned him a place on the Destructo team.

Watch below for a short edit from Destructo that includes the infamous road gap ollie that gets mentioned every time someone in Cardiff goes to Buffalo Bar or Sainsbury’s. And while you’re stoked on gnar, head over here for an interview we did with Mr. Young earlier this year with some ridiculous sequences from Trix.

Watch: New Bristols Finest edit

The residents of Bristol kicked off 2010 with one of the best UK skateboard videos of the year with Bristol’s Finest and are back with a brand new edit this morning courtesy of Mr. George Nevin.

The full crew is in force as they give not only Bristol but the entire country a good seeing to in the space of three minutes. Featuring Korahn Gayle, Tom Gibbs, Dylan Hughes, Dan Wileman, Barney Page and many more. Kick start your week with this.

Kill City post Mallorca video blogs

Kill City SkatebooardsLee Dainton has been busy in the audio/visual department again and has posted video blogs from Killcity’s trip to Mallorca earlier this year.

Get stuck in to see Caradog Emanuel, Joe Lynskey, Nicky Howells, Jess YoungSam Pulley and Jake Collins hit up warm-up spots and enjoy a late night park session in the place that’s surely made by architects that moonlight as skateboarders.

Sunday Stooges: Jess Young remix edit

Lee Dainton’s latest Sunday Stooges edit went up online today featuring some killer Jess Young footage from Kill City Skateboards’ archives and a healthy dose of love for our new website that are you are viewing right now.

Enjoy this video blog that also covers some crazy moments from Pritchard and Dainton‘s recent travels across Europe entertaining shit loads of drunks as they roll and click here to read Jess’ interview if you missed it last week.