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Arrows of Love

Released on Superdark/Handspun Records
July 9th

Rediscovering edgy music from the early 90s is no bad thing in 2012 especially if one is able to also smell the sweat that drips from the toil that goes into high energy live sets aligned with the crunch of distorted guitar chords. That is exactly what you can expect from seeing, hearing and being part of an Arrows of Love show. This London 5 piece made up of two girls and three guys can make a serious racket, yet seem to pull it off with a subtle ease that makes you want more once the guitars are launched into the amps and the drums have come crashing down at the end of the set.

On July 9th, this East London noise fest will release a new single called Honey, a track that starts like the story of the 3 pigs. It huffs, it puffs and then it blows your house down. Recorded in singer Nima Teranchi’s basement with assistance from Rory Attwell (Test Icicles, S.C.U.M, Male Bonding) and Richard Warren (Spiritualized), Honey takes you back to where punk and indie rock collide to form a DIY sound only found in a basement. It’s also justice that Bob Weston from Shellac mastered Nima’s mixes, again, once he had downloaded a ‘Teach yourself how to mix’ manual.

If this is the first offering from their forthcoming debut album this year then get get hyped and go see them live soon.

24th May
– The Macbeth pt III – ‘Honey’ Cassette Release, London
15th June – Buffalo Bar – with Antlered Man
9th July – The Kasbah – Coventry
17-19th Aug – Strummer of Love Festival
1st Sept – 1234 Festival, Shoreditch Park

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