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New Ged Wells art exhibition London


The wonderful art of Ged Wells will grace walls in East London this winter in a new exhibition called the Nihilistic Adventures of Rejected Puppets. Wells’ dedication since the mid 1980’s to paint and create stemmed through his dope skateboarding career.

Don’t miss this new show that runs from Friday December 4 to January 4th, 2016 at Thunders, 49 Commercial Street, London E1 6BD.


Visit his Insane Emporium for more.

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Insane Ceramic Mug

Insane is back! The original, the best! Ged Wells launched Insane back in 1984 and has returned with that classic strawberry logo that made it so famous back in the day. Pick yourself up a one-of-a-kind Insane Classic Mug this week. It comes packaged in a hand screen printed Strawberry repeat presentation box and sealed and delivered by Ged himself.

Visit for all Insane goodness.


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Ged Wells’ Insane clothing returns online

Ged Wells has announced the welcome return of his Insane brand this week.

Insane was launched back in 1984 and was a popular outlet for Wells’ creative art who also graced many pages of RAD Magazine and beyond as one of the UK’s best skateboarders. His trademark strawberries and twisted animals are now back in their rightful place, online and available for you to purchase in sticker, tee and hoody form from the brand new website Visit the new store and support skater-owned.

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Proposed Kennington Skatepark refurbishment info

Information regarding redevelopment taking place at Kennington Skatepark in Lambeth this month has come to light this morning. This legendary London spot built back in 1978 is part of London’s prestigious skateboard history. It has seen sessions throughout the 80’s, 90’s and noughties that will never be forgotten. In fact if I think of Stockwell from the very first times I skated here, the likes of American Steve Wiltshire, Ged Wells, Ricky, Crispin, Aaron Bleasdale, Reuben Goodyear, Wurzel and many other names spring to mind as people who ripped this place apart and used every line in there. It also had a terrible reputation in the late 80s for skaters getting their teeth smashed out with baseball bats. We still went there every weekend though before skating up to Stockwell, undeterred.

Before you jump the gun and think that the park is being knocked down and rebuilt though, it doesn’t seem to be the case. A shoe brand looks to be behind fixing the cracks and adding some welcome features this summer, so watch this space to see if and when this gets done. This image below says it will re-open in May but the weather over the last few weeks may be stopping the work. Who knows. This post has been written solely on the basis of viewing this image, so we do not know for sure if this has even come to fruition or how much work will go into it. Time will tell though but if this is happening, well done to all involved.

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below and if you have stories of skating this park over the years, share them with us and send them in.


Also, take in this hand drawn Smell of Death flyer (found on MAS) that was made for a jam at Kennington’s banks. These events were arranged by the pipe-smoking US punk, Steve Wilshire back in the 80’s when skateboarding was owned by skateboarders. These events single-handedly inspired Crossfire to launch and roll out events for the London skate scene. Take in the DIY aspect and weep.