Yardsale – Softcore edit


Yardsale end 2015 with a new 9 minute edit filmed in London and LA featuring Curtis Pearl, Jake Church, Darius Trabalza, Kyle Wilson, Jason Landau, Jhian Namei, Devyn Neal and David Bowens.

These are getting better edit by edit, enjoy this.

Fourstar TNT AntiHero clothing collab


Fourstar have a new clothing collab with AntiHero out this month featuring a new Tony Trujillo collection constisting of tees, long sleeve, shirts, hoodies and jackets.

This 50/50 wool flannel plaid shirt should keep you warm in the coming winter months ahead with double pockets, satin interior and neck lining with plenty of room to skate in. The tees and long sleeve cotton shirt are as soft as a baby’s arse and come in various luminous colours. There’s also a hunting jacket (that comes in black and brown) with plenty of pockets for your junk and also not too heavy so you can still get a shred on.

Look out for these in your local skate shop this month.





Fucking Awesome vs Princess Diana


Dill and AVE’s FA have rolled out some new garms this week. Look out for their new printed rip-stop canvas coach jackets that come with with a corduroy collar, printed interior and custom buttons.

Princess Diana also makes a surprise appearance alongside some cowboys on their new t-shirts.




G.G. Allin Altamont tees


Altamont are rolling out the grit this week with the release of newest tee featuring none other than G.G. Allin. This mosher famed for his rock and roll antics on stage covered in human excrement and bile passed away on the bog after a show in NY back in 1993 following an overdose, so this 20th anniversary tee marks the legend that he was and has also now become.

Merle Allin-brother and founding member of “The Murder Junkies,” allowed Altamont access to drawings G.G. made during his time in prison, as well as never-before-seen photographs. Merle chose his favorite images for a series of Altamont tees celebrating G.G. Allin’s extraordinary life.

Watch Lucien Clarke’s European KR3W footage

Krew-apparel-logoPalace rider Lucien Clarke has some cracking new footage to celebrate his addition to the European KR3W team. Enjoy a couple of minutes from one of London’s best.

The US team were in Las Vegas recently and came back with a new edit that you can see if you scroll down.

Watch KR3W in Las Vegas: