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James Blake album art and tracklisting revealed

The heavily anticipated self-titled debut from James Blake is out on February 7th through ATLAS and today the artwork and tracklisting was revealed.

It’s exactly what we hoped would come from a producer who challenged what can be achieved in the EP department this year, something that even on first glance looks and sounds like a fully realised body of work that will perhaps redirect the London sound in a direction that favours singing and songwriting while maintaining that post-Burial fog that has so wonderfully provided the capital with its own soundtrack over the past few years.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Unluck
2. Wilhelms Scream
3. I Never Learnt To Share
4. Lindesfarne I
5. Lindesfarne II
6. Limit To Your Love
7. Give Me My Month
8. To Care (Like You)
9. Why Don’t You Call Me
10. I Mind
11. Measurements

Look out for a review soon as this record is almost certainly going to be a buzzer in our ears for a good portion of 2011. Enjoy the video to his breakthrough ‘Limit To Your Love‘ below.

James Blake – Limit To Your Love from James Blake on Vimeo.