Fifty Fifty’s Where’s the Beach Tour video

fiftyfiftyskateshopRich Smith and Mike Pearson’s ‘Where’s the Beach?’ edit of the Fifty Fifty shop crew on tour last summer to Cornwall has been posted online overnight. The mission consists of 5 skaters, 2 filmers, 1 photographer, a 1965 VW camper van and a 6 man tent in search of untouched terrain.

Enjoy this footage featuring Tom Gibbs, Paul Carter, Pat Garrahy, Justin Sydenham, Layth Sami, Dan Wileman and more.

FIFTY FIFTY ‘Where’s The Beach Tour’ from RICH SMITH on Vimeo.

Watch: George Nevin’s 2010 edit

Bristol based filmbot George Nevin has made an edit compiling his favourite moments from 2010.

Click the (ridiculous) screenshot of Korahn Gayle grinding the Pipe Lane sign below to see twelve months of Bristol’s Finest shenanigans compressed into ten minutes of radness. Nice one George!

Watch: Redlight Warehouse Footage

Following on from his banging Nicky Howells edit, Bristol based filmer James Harris has compiled a selection of gems from the UK Ramp Hire Warehouse. It’s not too surprising how much he’s racked up given the weather that favours only the snowman, but we’re stoked on all of it.

Watch below for sheltered corkers from some of Bristol’s Finest Josh Arnott, Dan Lacey, Tom Gibbs, Sam Austin, Andy Coleman and Taylor Oakley.

The Highbrow Company release limited deck

Behold readers, on the right of this page your eyes are currently focussed on the very first deck to come from Bristol’s The Highbrow Company, skater-owned and operated by self-proclaimed skateboarding/fartist, Mike O’Shea.

Only fifty of them have been made, probably because if the rumours are true that by simply carrying the deck a person is made instantly trendy then we could have an epidemic of trendy bastards across the UK on our hand if this wood was mass-produced.

Anyway, we think it looks great and you can pick one up for yourself here.

A very Highbrow video is currently in the making also. If you haven’t peeped the trailer that dropped earlier this year then have a gander below. It’s got Chris Jones, Owen Hopkins, Jason Lewer and plenty more awesome people involved.

Watch: Nicky Howells shred the Bristol Warehouse

Having a sheltered spot at this time of year is not only crucial to keeping those tricks on lock but it’s also a quintessential part of British skating. Nothing beats getting a few of your mates, finding a warehouse or empty carpark, building some ramps and collectively giving Old Man Winter the finger.

Nicky Howells has done just that in this little edit knocked up by James Harris for éS Europe. As expected, there’s some bonkers flippery in here that only Nicky’s legs could achieve. Watch and enjoy below…

Watch: New Bristols Finest edit

The residents of Bristol kicked off 2010 with one of the best UK skateboard videos of the year with Bristol’s Finest and are back with a brand new edit this morning courtesy of Mr. George Nevin.

The full crew is in force as they give not only Bristol but the entire country a good seeing to in the space of three minutes. Featuring Korahn Gayle, Tom Gibbs, Dylan Hughes, Dan Wileman, Barney Page and many more. Kick start your week with this.

Bristol’s Finest chill for Summer

The Bristol’s Finest crew have been chilling and clocking up some feel-good footage filled with grinds on street signs, parties, the deaner, football and lots and lots of Korahn Gayle. Good stuff.

See below for the lovely edit and head over here for our review of Bristol’s Finest.

Bristol’s Finest Crew Summer Chillin from george nevin on Vimeo.