Why Fiddle While Rome Burns?

Following our sports brand chat with Pierre-André Senizergues that we ran back in February and this article with Keith Hufnagel from HUF and Kelly Bird from Lakai that ran two week’s back, the backlash against sports shoes in skateboarding continues to build from the skate shops and zines that are not bound by their financial clout.

This week Serio skate shop in Ventura, California has lashed out about Nike, Adidas and Converse’s so-called ‘commitment’ to skateboarding”:

“As they say, every vote counts, every dollar counts. There are companies and so-called “core shops” out there who claim they’re down for skateboarding but are actually thieves and wolves sucking all the juice from it. Is the industry already rotten beyond repair? Perhaps. Is it all going to fade away into existential meaninglessness anyways? Certainly, but I don’t see those things as an excuse for apathy or turning a blind eye to the wolves at the gate.”

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