Skateboarding News

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Here is a quick rundown of what happened over the weekend:

Marc Johnson took his balancing acts over to Spitfire Wheels.

Guru Khalsa has quit Creation Skateboards for a spot on Habitat. Aren’t they working on a new video..?

Alex Olsen has travelled hard to earn a spot on the Girl team.

The Lakai French Connection a.k.a. JB Gillet, Lucas Puig and JJ Rousseau are said to be touring England and France very soon with bossman Ty Evans, so you know the footy is going to be Fully Flared.

Krooked Kronicles premiered all over the West Coast (and it currently heading East, and towards Europe!!!) to packed out crowds. It’s too close to say who has best part, so I guess that means the whole video is dope!

Is Birdhouse falling apart at the seams..?