‘The Devil’s Toy’ Redux

The_Devils_ToyClassic skateboard documentary “The Devil’s Toy” made originally back in 1966 by Claude Jutra is set to be re-imagined by 14 different film directors from around the world.

This incredible documentary dedicated “to all victims of intolerance” depicts skateboarding as an evil entity that transformed youth culture into the dark side and pictured a setting of street rogues rolling the streets on clay wheels, who threw rocks at cops and generally had the best time ever.

The 14 different film directors chosen for this have been hand picked from various countries and city’s around the world. Fred Mortagne will rep France with Flo Mirtain narrating it, New York will be covered by Steve Durand, LA by Greg Hunt,, Canada’s entry will be taken care of by Corey Adams whose Machotaildrop movie was a smash and so on. Films will also come from other directors in Greece, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa and Germany launching on April 30th.

What an amazing concept, but remember skateboarder’s: “Beware, the youth of the world is on the move and their aim is to take over!”

Watch the original here…