Bar Talk: Shane O’Brien’s Top 3 UK street skaters

Ph: Gorm

A small gathering of skaters from the 70s and 80s got together for a few jars last night in London. Whilst stood at the bar shooting the shit with ex Santa Cruz ripper and RAD contributor Shane O’Brien we started a discussion on the contenders for his top 3 UK street skaters of all time. After much deliberating on who would make this illustrious cut, he served up the following:

3. Curtis McCann took the third spot based on his “short lived but incredible skills” that he brought to the scene. “Even when he used to turn up to Latimer Road vert ramp looking to learn more from skating, he still bossed it.” His street skills were second to none but this ATV from Sutton, Surrey was one of the first of his era in the late 80s to pick up sponsors. Unfortunately his career was cut short by injuries but Curt was way ahead of his time.

2. Liverpool legend Geoff Rowley made the list because of his “gnarly attitude and insane progression. Even in his early years you could just tell he was going to be one of the best and he proved that tenfold. Absolute powerhouse”. You can’t argue with that. Man’s a beast and keeps giving. We literally cannot wait for his section in the forthcoming Vans video as he does absolutely nothing by halves.

1. “Skateboarding is full of interesting characters but Tom Penny tops the list based on his technical skills alone. He could take that bag of tricks absolutely anywhere and drop them without even blinking.” Penny’s asleep at the wheel, effortless unique style took Shane’s number one that was swiftly followed by a cold pint of Peroni and more debate.

This trio would be hard to beat but who would make your top 3?

Shane takes a smith at a most-likely piss stinkin’ MW2 for Santa Cruz back in 1989, as seen in RAD.