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Reynolds to launch Altamont Apparel

Andrew Reynolds’ Altamont Apparel will be launched in store in October of this year and it promises to cater for those who have a sense of uniqueness and personal style.

The name comes from a free show put on in Rolling Stones at the Altamont Speedway where turbulence hit the venue and the tragic happenings were seen by many as the end of that phase of youth culture.

Altamont Apparel will have design skills on hand from Heroin Skateboards owner Mark ‘Fos’ Foster who has been in LA recently finalising the graphics, so you know it’s not gonna be shite in any way with these 2 peeps on board and Soletech would have backed another winner.

The full Spring 2007 line will be premiered at Project in Las Vegas this coming August. To find out more, check out