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Savoir Faire Premier

This one has been a long time coming now, but Savoir Faire has made the final boarding call and is ready to be unleashed upon us!

The film will feature monumental skateboarding from such known abusers as Div Adam, Dave Snaddon, Chris Oliver, Stephen Roe and Hold Tight London ripper, John Tanner (just check the latest edit from Henry and Morph to see what you should be expecting from this gentleman), amongst a blinding array of both British and international wood-pushers. Ooof. √Čnorme.

London premier is booked for the 20th June, so pop down and get yourselves hyped for Go Skateboarding Day, as for Manchester, you guys can relax after a GSBD shredding as your premier is on the 21st. Peep the trailers for guaranteed goodness!

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More Skateboarding Videos >>

More trailers to come on Monday!